We saw so many worlds everywhere and wanted to start photographing them for a coffee table book. We still don’t have a coffee table book but we do now have a website!
As you can see, the idea is to find businesses/things (real physical places) that are called worlds and then take a photo with yourself in front of them! Quite an exciting way to tour the world!!!!
It really kicked off when I (Hannah) was on my L’s and had to get 120 hours of experience in driving. It gave us some purpose in my experience and from there is has grown and grown. Numerous family and friends have come on board and everyone is world touring every chance they get! The world tour has gone international reaching Europe, South America and Asia as well as Australia (and New Zealand). We found our 200th world on 18/06/2011. Why don’t you join us to reach our new target of 500 worlds with at least a world in every continent!!!